Big City Knights

The Trouble with Boyscouts is...

The party has returned to Sharn from Blackthorne on the Orien Express, with a bit of adventure along the way on the train… AGAIN

Upon arriving in Sharn, they receive word from Lady Elaydren d’Vown that she wishes to meet with them at her Uncle’s manor.

Upon arriving at the manor however, it is soon apparent that there is something wrong. Elaydren’s valet, Yohan Smythe is in the entrance hall, beaten to a pulp. Corlath revives him, and he the man states they were attacked. He rushes off to find help as the B.C. Knights move to investigate what is going on.

Entering the darkened manor carefully, they discover a group of dolgrim waiting for them at the top of the stairs leading to the upper apartments. A brief battle ensues as they fight the aberrations, trying to reach the only lighted room, where they can hear screaming.

Entering lighted study, the Knights are confronted with two dolgaunts and cloaked figure holding Lady Elaydren hostage. The cloaked figure reads a scroll and turns Elaydren to stone before fleeing. The Dolgaunts attack. Battle beings.

Having defeated the dolgaunts, the Knights search the premises. The only other former occupants appear to be two servants, both tortured and slaughtered prior to the Knights arrival.

The knights go to seek help.

The find out from a passing drunken guard that the reason everyone in the neighboorhood is gone, is that there is a large social party at an upper level estate, a local Prince of Breland. He suggests that the group will find the owner of the manor at this party and offers to guide them there.

Once at the top-level estate in the Skyway the guard attempts to get the help of the other guards at the gate. They aggree to summon the owner of the manor, someguy, and leave.

Upon retrieving the owner, Lady Elaydren’s “uncle”, the Knights find that too their dismay, he is the owner of the manor but has no idea who “Lady Elaydren” is. The Knights are placed in custody and a magistrate is summoned from the party, along with a bunch of guards. They all march back to the manor, to investigate the scene.

At the manor, there is definitely signs of a struggle. However all the aberrations bodies are gone, and statue of Elaydren is also gone.

The rest of the evening is spent being questioned at the magistrates Skyway office, where there is small, permanent, Zone of Truth.

During all of this legal excitement, Khan has maintained a safe and discrete distance from the members of the party involving the authorities and Mannix has completely separated himself from the scene.

During the questioning of the rest of the party, Khan and Mannix meet up at the Broken Anvil and discuss the night’s events. Mannix is severly disappointed in the group’s decision to involve the authorities, and heads off, possibly to never be seen again.

2008 Was a Long Year...

The party had lots of interesting adventures… lost in the mists of time, unless some enterprising bard managed to record all that happened.

The Underbelly of the Wine Business

The party attempts to leave but finds the elevator mechanism is locked.

They explore around and find signs of a significant struggle, probably a prison break of some kind.

They manage to find a second elevator in the tunning room and are able to operate it with a key discovered in the guards desk. While attempting to escape via the second elevator they are attacked by some unkown force from the darkness, with phantasms jumping in to their bodies and wave after wave of crippling fear washing over them.

They manage to barely escape and then hide in the line of trees near the wall as they recover from the effects of the attacks.

Red, Red Wine

The party makes arrangements to travel out to the ‘bolt they suspect is harboring Ms. Silverhammer. Turns out it is an old hunting lodge in the Kings Forest that is now the producer of a local boutique wine known as “Prisoner’s Wine”. The fields and winery are tended by prisoners assigned to labor by the Sharn Magistrate. A second business is the operation of a prive ‘bolt in addition to the legitimate prisoners.

The party makes the daylong trek to estate. There they encounter a rather strange and disorganized group of several guards and a man that introduces himself as the Warden, Feldon Price. After a brief conversation where the group poses as wine merchants in order to gather intel, the Warden offers to sell a small stock of wine to the “merchants” at a steep discount. The party agrees to purchase the wine and leaves to secure buyers and cash.

Returning several days later the group pays the Warden for their wine shipment and then is sent downstairs to where the Assistant Warden is preparing the wine shipment. The only access downstairs is through a secure elevator. The Warden convinces the party to enter the elevator together and sends them down. Upon arriving in the hold block beneath the estate, the party realizes too late that they have been tricked. No one was downstairs waiting for them and they are now trapped in the prison, as their captors laugh gleefully at their misfortune.

Boogie Knights

Having saved Sgt. Dolom from the unruly crowd of protesters, Corlath, Khan and Jack return to the Broken Anvil. They find Lafayette slowly drinking his way out of a hangover, and sit down to join him. After a few rounds of drinks to pass the time before they are supposed to meet up with Sgt. Dolom to discuss his daughter, Mannix quietly slips into the inn and unnoticed, joins the group at the table.

All during this bout of drinking Lafayette has been spreading even more rumors of the great warrior Jack the Hammer who can kill a foe with a single blow. As Lafayette begins another round of recanting the story for the other patrons, a footman in unknown livery approaches the group from the bar, having just spoken with Mistress Hairyfoot. He addresses Coralth, asking “Pardon sir, but are you the Corlath Redblade?” After receiving confirmation he turns to the warforged and inquires, “And you must be Jack the Hammer, sir?” Assured he is addressing the right crowd, he then hands over a “calling card” from one of the aristocratic estates of Sky City. The card is apparently from the Estate of one Argyle d’Vown, at the request of Lady Elaydren d’Vown, and requests that the group present themselves at their earliest convenience. Having nowhere to go until their meeting with Sgt. Dolom later in the evening, they decide to all up a skycoach immediately and visit the d’Vown estate.

Upon arrival at the public skycoach pier, the adventurers are at a bit of a loss on where to go, until Lafayette recognizes the livery of a House Cannith guard walking by and requests directions to the d’Vown estate. Several minutes later they are knocking on a heavily decorated adamantine gate, with inlaid gold and mithril filigree.

Once shown into the waiting area, the party relaxes and makes the acquiantance of the excellent assortment of fine wines and spirits made available to them as they await the arrival of their patron. Lady Elaydren arrives and the group debriefs their journey in great detail, receiving 4000gp for their trouble. Lady Elaydren is somewhat distressed to hear that not only do the Emerald Claw have one of the four schemas in the posession, but that the Lord of Blades is now involved and has posession of a copy of the third schema. She is very pleased however to find that the party has discovered the creation pattern, as that peice is unknown to the other sides.

After an excellent dinner of exotic gourmet foodstuffs, the adventurers take their leave to best keep the appointment with the watch sergeant.

After a brief discussion with Sgt Dolom, the group learns about the Sgt’s daughter, Dora Silverhammer. She and her father have an estranged relationship that is worsened by her addiction to a local drug known as Bludfyre. The Sgt. has ahd trouble locating her since his reputation makes the likely people to know her whereabouts unlikely to talk to him.

Al ittle bit a snooping around and the group learns of few areas where Dora used to hang out. The Bars: Shottery, Emerald Bed, Brave Bow, Dolly’s Dive

The mooks: Julian (Hum F), Herdis (Dwf F), Jon (Dwf M), Thomas (Hum M – drug dealer)

Rumors: Dora hangs around with some guy that was slumming in the lower duras. His name is “grim”-something. He has been seen occasionally wearing a large purplish ring on a chain tucked in his shirt.

Action: Mannix and Khan setup a drug deal with Thomas (400gp worth of Bludfyre) for the following evening where they will bring 10% and he will bring samples.

Jack clobbers some hobgoblin and is kicked out of the bar. Corlath heals the hobgoblin and follow jack out. Mannix and Khan help instigate.

At the “drug deal” Mannix and Khan determine that Thomas is just a dealer wannabe. While Mannix is engaged in negotiations with Thomas, Khan takes the opportunity to violate an elf-maiden that is passed out, lying in the corner on a ratty bed.

Mannix manages to glean some information on the name and whereabouts of Thurgrimm Gunhilder, Dora’s boyfriend.

The group tracks him down to the a bar known as the Emerald Bed, an exclusive club in the slums that caters to rich patrons “slumming” and drug using habits. There they find a despondent and totally wrecked Thurgrimm. Mannix convines him to leave the bar with the party.

They take Thurgrimm back to the Broken Anvil and tie him up. After interrogating him they learn that Grimm believes his father had Dora “disappeared”, as he is involved in a number of shady deals and organizations. He pleads with the group to find out if she is still alive.

Working with Skakkan, the group learns of the existence of “Shacklebolts”, private detention facilities that the city uses to house overflow prisoners. Many of the Shacklebolts also have a thriving side business in “private” detentions. It’s possible that Dora has been sent to one, as Thurgrimm thinks his father plans to use her possible freedom to extract compliance from his wayward son. Via Skakkan’s spy network the group learns that there was a female prison sent to a ‘bolt just outside the city.

Back in the City

Mannix goes off on his own.

Lafayette goes to a whore house.

Corlath, Jack, & Khan stop by the message station to check for a messagse fgrom Lady E. and find out she checks back each Fourth day. They leave a message fo her to meet them at the Broken Anvil.

Kolkart, goblin

Dora Silverhammer, daughter of Sgt. Dolom is missing

Sgt. Dolom Silverhammer is busy overseeing the police involvement during a strike by the Porters union in the lower levels ofthe tower. The party makes its way down to see him.

During the commotion several large draft beasts become spooked and begin to rage through the crowded workers. Jack and Corlath rush in to attempt to save lives. Khan rushes off to find a vantage point to provide ranged support. As Jack and Corlath struggle to stop the beasts, Khan begins firing shots into the crowd, injuring beasts and workers alike. Eventually with a couple lucky shots Khan brings down a beast (and several workers). Jack and Corlath manage to stop the other creature and rescue injured workers.

Sgt. Dolom is impressed with the group’s help, and asks them to help i nlocating his daughter.

Ship in a Battle

After several days of sailing down the xxx estuary on the Rolling Laughter, Capt. Tuloni Heron has weighed anchor at a large sand bar for the night. He expects to make open water early the following day.

Corlath and Lafyette are sleeping in the cabin, while Jack remains there in confinement. Mannix and Khan have taken to the forecastle to sleep in the fresh sea air.

Muffled cries of distress reach the ears of the waiting Warforged, he quickly and quietly awakens his companions. Likewise, above-decks, Khan’s elven ears pick up the pleas for help as well and he awakens Mannix.

Mannix and Khan quickly survey the main deck looking for intruders or boarding craft. They find only two murdered sentries.

Raiders have boarded the Rolling Laughter and seem intent on sinking the craft.  The party fights them off as several Warforged Scouts attempt to make theri way into the hold of the ship to scuttle it.

While some of the party engage in battle below, Mannix and Khan stay abovedecks. Khan engages in some impulse burglary and rumages through the Captain’s cabin and his lockbox, stealing anything that appears valuable.

The party eventually defeats the raiders below decks, and as the Captain attempts to save his boat a second band of Warforged arrives, demanding that the crew hand over the party and any salvage they “illegally” removed from the Mournland. A brief discussion is followed by an agreement wherein the party turns over the diamond schema copy to the Warforged, and they are aloowed to leave.

The Rolling Laughter makes it's way to Sharn.
Now, We’re Cooking with FIRE!

The hot blast of air into the rotating chambers stuns the band as they remove the orange keycharm from the pedestal. The furnace blast pouring from the hallway carries the metallic tang and oily scents of a smithy, but the heat and location imply this is no village blacksmith.

Lafayette “volunteers” to explore down the oven-like passage. He makes his way cautiously down the way, and the heat continues to increase the further from the rotator room he gets. By the time he reaches the door at the end of the hall, he feels as if he’s standing inside a smithy’s forge. The door at the end of the hall is is large and metallic, and obviously protects arcane. Runes inscribed around the outer edge imply something important lies within. Lafayette feels the door for heat, and it it warm to the touch, but he also noties that it is ajar.

Returning from his reconnoiter, Lafayette describes the scene. The party makes some adjustments and revisits the scrying room that looks on the mysterious forge workshop. Seeing that nothing appears changed from their last visit, they decide to enter the mysterious door, hoping it leads to this forge.

As they gather around the arcane door, Lafayette, his brain cooked by the nearly unbearable heat, again volunteers to go first. He slowly pushes open the portal and peers into the space beyond… It is the forge from the scrying room! Lafayette carefully surveys the scene, and then makes a dash for the alcove were Mannix had observed an elaborate mechanical device affixed. His footsteps take him closer to the large pool of molten glass that fills the center of the room, bracketed by two large bonfires. As he reaches the alcove one of the fires seems to hiss out, “buuuuurrrnnnnn…” and then out of the blaze steps a large flaming humanoid! It rushes in and attacks Lafayette.

Lafayette manages to avoid the blow, and rushes back to the rest of the party.

As the party prepares to make a stand in the wide doorway, the other bonfire also produces a large fiery figure that moves to engage the newcomers.

The fire elementals trying to push past the party into the hall are forced to fight as they attempt to exit the room. Corlath quickly uses the scroll they found earlier to give Jack protection from the fiery fists of the elementals. As the battle begins, Jack smashes the first elemental right on it’s “head” with a MIGHTY blow! It immediately explodes in a shower of ash and sparks.

As the second elemental preses the attack, Khan tries to fend off it’s blows as best he can, while Lafayette supports him from behind with the exotic spiked chain he whips and saws across the doorway. In a brief but intense battle the second elemental is quickly subdued.

Open the crystal chest, retrieve two copies of the next schema and the template. Collect some potions.

Help Rorsa and the wolves out of Whitehearth.

Failin appears to guide them to the wagon. It’s dark out, early morning

As they head into the night they realize they are surrounded by an squad of Emerald Claw soldiers. Failin has led them into an ambush! The vampire from Rose Quarry orders them to surrender the “third” schema or die. Failin awakens from his trance, he has been compelled to cooperate via some magical means. Mannix decides to flee, he casts Obscuring Mist to hide the party and then grabs Failin and runs towards the real location of the wagon.

Corlath charges out of the protective cover of the mist towards the largest concentration of skeletons, he calls on the Silver Flame to destroy the abominations and his call is answered as 3 of the skeletons explode into dusty clouds.

Jack, Lafayette and Khan quickly subdue the rest of the Emerald Claw soldiers.

Mannix and Failin are being attacked by magic bolts of energy from the two shadowy figures while both a human and a skeleton warrior attempt to kill them as they flee. Mannix takes several of hits from the bolts as does Failin, who seems gravely injured. The soldier closes in but Mannix uses a a quick burst of magic to charm the unwary warrior and turns him against the approaching skeleton, giving both himself and Failin the chance to evade any more damage.

The battle quickly comes to an end as the mage and the vampire disappear into the gray darkness of the Mournland. The group searches for clues among the fallen Emerald Claw but finds nothing indicating their plans. Mannix and Failin soon return with the elemental wagon to retrieve their comrades and then Faliin makes a dash for the border, intent on leaving the Mournland as soon as possible.

The Secret of the Map is Revealed

The band of adventurers anxiously crouch in the ruins of the House Cannith refinery in Rose Quarry. The rush of the recent battle slowly washes away as the seconds tick by. They strain their ears for an sign that the fight has drawn attention of more of the Emerald Claw soldiers.

A minute passes…

two… they begin to shake from their encounter, they turn their attention to the large room in which they stand.

The roof of the once majestic building is gone, torn away by whatever eldritch magic destroyed the rest of the doomed town. The large chamber has been cleared of most of the debris that has filled it since. The floor and walls emerge from the last bits of rubble, formed of the famous red marble produced by the town. The floor is covered by a elaborate, detailed map of Khorvaire. A three fireplaces, each gaurded by two statues are arranged around the walls. It is this room that holds the keys to finding Whitehearth.

Lafayette, Jack and Khan quietly search the room for clues. It is not long before the mercenary’s sharp eyes happen upon a puzzling inscription on the back of one of the statues. Jack and Khan quickly confirm the other statues are marked as well. Recalling the two smartest adventurers from their post by the front hall, the braintrust goes into action and swiftly deciphers the enigmatic phrases. Standing on the white House Cannith seal in front of one of the fireplaces, Lafayette paces out the distance and direction indicatd and finds he is standing over a small, unlabeled “mine” marked on the floor-map. The “mine” is deep inside the Cyre on the map, but times have changed and the location now resides in the Mournland…

Khan quickly jots down the location of the other facilities indicated on the dusty floor-map, while Lafayette turns to the statuary, obscuring any information that could be used by others to solve the mystery.

As they debate their next course of action, Mannix returns to the front of the building to watch for trouble. As he reaches the entrance, he finds it. A shadowy figure lurks in the ruined church across the way, it quietly glides out into the moonlight, and heads straight for the refinery.

Mannix rushes back to warn his companions of the approaching figure. As they turn to face it, a tall emaciated man with pale skin, red eyes and pointed appears approaches them down the hallway. He is dressed in long flowing robes of black silk. As he nears he flashes a bright pointy smile, revealing two sharp fangs, “What have we hear?” he hisses… Lafayette blurts out, “Oh shit! A vampire!”

Everyone swings into action, preparing to fight. The vampire in the hall vanishes in a cloud of mist that fills the hall nad begins to spill into the map chamber. Mannix quickly curses out a spell wrapping himself and several others in swirling shadows. Then they run.

As everyone sprints through the mist filling the hall and out the front door, the mist begins to spill out into the street after them. The shadows surrounding the runners obscure their vision and they suffer some bumps and bruises as the rush through the moonlit town. Running and running they manage to reach the edge of town, and find Failin in the darkness. Boarding the elemental wagon they flee into the night.

Failin is not disposed to take the group into the vast, dangerous wastelands of the Mournland, but Mannix is able to convince him with a significant increase in payment and off they go.

On the way to Whitehearth, the group decides to stop and investigate the remains of a large siege engine and the corpses surrounding it. Lafayette and Mannix remain on the wagon to guard Failin as the others approach the debris. As they approach the wreckage, several wolf-skeletons appear and begin to circle Jack, Khan and Corlath. But Corlath’s faith in his Flame is strong and he is able to force the undead creatures away.

As Failin directs the wagon on towards Whitehearth, Khan spots, off in the distance, the figure of a bird – a vulture – that appears to be following them…

Strangers in the Night…

As Mannix and Khan look on, the zombies charge into attack the group waiting at the end of the street.

The undead creatures are covered in thick chunks of glass and Jack, Corlath and Lafayette have a difficult time handling the pair of zombies until they manage to smash though the protective covering. Jack’s armor makes him nearly untouchable, but Corlath is severely beaten by the zombies several times. Lafayette stays out of reach and manuevers into a flanking position behind one of the creatures. Khan joins the fight and once the glass covering is smashed by Jack, he is able to quickly shred one of these hated things with his scimitar. Lafayette is also able to sufficiently damage the other and both zombies are defeated.

Fearing that they might soon lose the advantage of the darkness of they don’t hurry the group decides to quickly avoid the rest of the zombies and they make their way around the north side of the town to teh quarry’s edge. Skirting the edge, they manage to sneak into striking distance of the House Cannith Marble Refinery near the center of the town.

As they near the Refinery they are able to deiscern the voices of several people inside working with picks and shovels. The team plans their attack, and then charges into battle.

Inside the burned out structure the group finds another zombie and two Emerald Claw soldiers. The battle begins as Jack charges in, knocking the zombie back into a large marble boulder. The rest of the group rushes in to support him. After their brief moment of suprise the two soldiers react, one begins to scream for help and charges into Jack. The other, a woman, calmly dons her shield and then starts calling for the rest of the soldiers as she studies the opponents facing her.

Jack smashes the first soldier with his hammer, who is then also hypnotized by Mannix. the female Captain is able to resist Mannix’s spell and Jack is forced to engage her. Corlath offers a prayer of blessing and protection to teh Silver Flame, and a reassuring warmth sttles over the party as the figth rages.

A brief but very bloody struggle ensues as Jack and the Captain square off, Jack is severely injured during the fight but manages to knock the captain from her feet several times and is able to take advantage of his tactics to finally defeat her.

Khan and Lafayette defeat the Glass Zombie, while Mannix and Corlath position themsleves in the two ante-chambers of the building to watch for more enemies to approach.

Having defeated the three in the main chamber, the group has a few brief moments to reoup while the wait for the other shoe to drop…


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