Big City Knights

Back in the City

Mannix goes off on his own.

Lafayette goes to a whore house.

Corlath, Jack, & Khan stop by the message station to check for a messagse fgrom Lady E. and find out she checks back each Fourth day. They leave a message fo her to meet them at the Broken Anvil.

Kolkart, goblin

Dora Silverhammer, daughter of Sgt. Dolom is missing

Sgt. Dolom Silverhammer is busy overseeing the police involvement during a strike by the Porters union in the lower levels ofthe tower. The party makes its way down to see him.

During the commotion several large draft beasts become spooked and begin to rage through the crowded workers. Jack and Corlath rush in to attempt to save lives. Khan rushes off to find a vantage point to provide ranged support. As Jack and Corlath struggle to stop the beasts, Khan begins firing shots into the crowd, injuring beasts and workers alike. Eventually with a couple lucky shots Khan brings down a beast (and several workers). Jack and Corlath manage to stop the other creature and rescue injured workers.

Sgt. Dolom is impressed with the group’s help, and asks them to help i nlocating his daughter.


mystikphish mystikphish

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