Big City Knights

Boogie Knights

Having saved Sgt. Dolom from the unruly crowd of protesters, Corlath, Khan and Jack return to the Broken Anvil. They find Lafayette slowly drinking his way out of a hangover, and sit down to join him. After a few rounds of drinks to pass the time before they are supposed to meet up with Sgt. Dolom to discuss his daughter, Mannix quietly slips into the inn and unnoticed, joins the group at the table.

All during this bout of drinking Lafayette has been spreading even more rumors of the great warrior Jack the Hammer who can kill a foe with a single blow. As Lafayette begins another round of recanting the story for the other patrons, a footman in unknown livery approaches the group from the bar, having just spoken with Mistress Hairyfoot. He addresses Coralth, asking “Pardon sir, but are you the Corlath Redblade?” After receiving confirmation he turns to the warforged and inquires, “And you must be Jack the Hammer, sir?” Assured he is addressing the right crowd, he then hands over a “calling card” from one of the aristocratic estates of Sky City. The card is apparently from the Estate of one Argyle d’Vown, at the request of Lady Elaydren d’Vown, and requests that the group present themselves at their earliest convenience. Having nowhere to go until their meeting with Sgt. Dolom later in the evening, they decide to all up a skycoach immediately and visit the d’Vown estate.

Upon arrival at the public skycoach pier, the adventurers are at a bit of a loss on where to go, until Lafayette recognizes the livery of a House Cannith guard walking by and requests directions to the d’Vown estate. Several minutes later they are knocking on a heavily decorated adamantine gate, with inlaid gold and mithril filigree.

Once shown into the waiting area, the party relaxes and makes the acquiantance of the excellent assortment of fine wines and spirits made available to them as they await the arrival of their patron. Lady Elaydren arrives and the group debriefs their journey in great detail, receiving 4000gp for their trouble. Lady Elaydren is somewhat distressed to hear that not only do the Emerald Claw have one of the four schemas in the posession, but that the Lord of Blades is now involved and has posession of a copy of the third schema. She is very pleased however to find that the party has discovered the creation pattern, as that peice is unknown to the other sides.

After an excellent dinner of exotic gourmet foodstuffs, the adventurers take their leave to best keep the appointment with the watch sergeant.

After a brief discussion with Sgt Dolom, the group learns about the Sgt’s daughter, Dora Silverhammer. She and her father have an estranged relationship that is worsened by her addiction to a local drug known as Bludfyre. The Sgt. has ahd trouble locating her since his reputation makes the likely people to know her whereabouts unlikely to talk to him.

Al ittle bit a snooping around and the group learns of few areas where Dora used to hang out. The Bars: Shottery, Emerald Bed, Brave Bow, Dolly’s Dive

The mooks: Julian (Hum F), Herdis (Dwf F), Jon (Dwf M), Thomas (Hum M – drug dealer)

Rumors: Dora hangs around with some guy that was slumming in the lower duras. His name is “grim”-something. He has been seen occasionally wearing a large purplish ring on a chain tucked in his shirt.

Action: Mannix and Khan setup a drug deal with Thomas (400gp worth of Bludfyre) for the following evening where they will bring 10% and he will bring samples.

Jack clobbers some hobgoblin and is kicked out of the bar. Corlath heals the hobgoblin and follow jack out. Mannix and Khan help instigate.

At the “drug deal” Mannix and Khan determine that Thomas is just a dealer wannabe. While Mannix is engaged in negotiations with Thomas, Khan takes the opportunity to violate an elf-maiden that is passed out, lying in the corner on a ratty bed.

Mannix manages to glean some information on the name and whereabouts of Thurgrimm Gunhilder, Dora’s boyfriend.

The group tracks him down to the a bar known as the Emerald Bed, an exclusive club in the slums that caters to rich patrons “slumming” and drug using habits. There they find a despondent and totally wrecked Thurgrimm. Mannix convines him to leave the bar with the party.

They take Thurgrimm back to the Broken Anvil and tie him up. After interrogating him they learn that Grimm believes his father had Dora “disappeared”, as he is involved in a number of shady deals and organizations. He pleads with the group to find out if she is still alive.

Working with Skakkan, the group learns of the existence of “Shacklebolts”, private detention facilities that the city uses to house overflow prisoners. Many of the Shacklebolts also have a thriving side business in “private” detentions. It’s possible that Dora has been sent to one, as Thurgrimm thinks his father plans to use her possible freedom to extract compliance from his wayward son. Via Skakkan’s spy network the group learns that there was a female prison sent to a ‘bolt just outside the city.


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