Big City Knights

Now, We’re Cooking with FIRE!

The hot blast of air into the rotating chambers stuns the band as they remove the orange keycharm from the pedestal. The furnace blast pouring from the hallway carries the metallic tang and oily scents of a smithy, but the heat and location imply this is no village blacksmith.

Lafayette “volunteers” to explore down the oven-like passage. He makes his way cautiously down the way, and the heat continues to increase the further from the rotator room he gets. By the time he reaches the door at the end of the hall, he feels as if he’s standing inside a smithy’s forge. The door at the end of the hall is is large and metallic, and obviously protects arcane. Runes inscribed around the outer edge imply something important lies within. Lafayette feels the door for heat, and it it warm to the touch, but he also noties that it is ajar.

Returning from his reconnoiter, Lafayette describes the scene. The party makes some adjustments and revisits the scrying room that looks on the mysterious forge workshop. Seeing that nothing appears changed from their last visit, they decide to enter the mysterious door, hoping it leads to this forge.

As they gather around the arcane door, Lafayette, his brain cooked by the nearly unbearable heat, again volunteers to go first. He slowly pushes open the portal and peers into the space beyond… It is the forge from the scrying room! Lafayette carefully surveys the scene, and then makes a dash for the alcove were Mannix had observed an elaborate mechanical device affixed. His footsteps take him closer to the large pool of molten glass that fills the center of the room, bracketed by two large bonfires. As he reaches the alcove one of the fires seems to hiss out, “buuuuurrrnnnnn…” and then out of the blaze steps a large flaming humanoid! It rushes in and attacks Lafayette.

Lafayette manages to avoid the blow, and rushes back to the rest of the party.

As the party prepares to make a stand in the wide doorway, the other bonfire also produces a large fiery figure that moves to engage the newcomers.

The fire elementals trying to push past the party into the hall are forced to fight as they attempt to exit the room. Corlath quickly uses the scroll they found earlier to give Jack protection from the fiery fists of the elementals. As the battle begins, Jack smashes the first elemental right on it’s “head” with a MIGHTY blow! It immediately explodes in a shower of ash and sparks.

As the second elemental preses the attack, Khan tries to fend off it’s blows as best he can, while Lafayette supports him from behind with the exotic spiked chain he whips and saws across the doorway. In a brief but intense battle the second elemental is quickly subdued.

Open the crystal chest, retrieve two copies of the next schema and the template. Collect some potions.

Help Rorsa and the wolves out of Whitehearth.

Failin appears to guide them to the wagon. It’s dark out, early morning

As they head into the night they realize they are surrounded by an squad of Emerald Claw soldiers. Failin has led them into an ambush! The vampire from Rose Quarry orders them to surrender the “third” schema or die. Failin awakens from his trance, he has been compelled to cooperate via some magical means. Mannix decides to flee, he casts Obscuring Mist to hide the party and then grabs Failin and runs towards the real location of the wagon.

Corlath charges out of the protective cover of the mist towards the largest concentration of skeletons, he calls on the Silver Flame to destroy the abominations and his call is answered as 3 of the skeletons explode into dusty clouds.

Jack, Lafayette and Khan quickly subdue the rest of the Emerald Claw soldiers.

Mannix and Failin are being attacked by magic bolts of energy from the two shadowy figures while both a human and a skeleton warrior attempt to kill them as they flee. Mannix takes several of hits from the bolts as does Failin, who seems gravely injured. The soldier closes in but Mannix uses a a quick burst of magic to charm the unwary warrior and turns him against the approaching skeleton, giving both himself and Failin the chance to evade any more damage.

The battle quickly comes to an end as the mage and the vampire disappear into the gray darkness of the Mournland. The group searches for clues among the fallen Emerald Claw but finds nothing indicating their plans. Mannix and Failin soon return with the elemental wagon to retrieve their comrades and then Faliin makes a dash for the border, intent on leaving the Mournland as soon as possible.


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