Big City Knights

Red, Red Wine

The party makes arrangements to travel out to the ‘bolt they suspect is harboring Ms. Silverhammer. Turns out it is an old hunting lodge in the Kings Forest that is now the producer of a local boutique wine known as “Prisoner’s Wine”. The fields and winery are tended by prisoners assigned to labor by the Sharn Magistrate. A second business is the operation of a prive ‘bolt in addition to the legitimate prisoners.

The party makes the daylong trek to estate. There they encounter a rather strange and disorganized group of several guards and a man that introduces himself as the Warden, Feldon Price. After a brief conversation where the group poses as wine merchants in order to gather intel, the Warden offers to sell a small stock of wine to the “merchants” at a steep discount. The party agrees to purchase the wine and leaves to secure buyers and cash.

Returning several days later the group pays the Warden for their wine shipment and then is sent downstairs to where the Assistant Warden is preparing the wine shipment. The only access downstairs is through a secure elevator. The Warden convinces the party to enter the elevator together and sends them down. Upon arriving in the hold block beneath the estate, the party realizes too late that they have been tricked. No one was downstairs waiting for them and they are now trapped in the prison, as their captors laugh gleefully at their misfortune.


mystikphish mystikphish

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