Big City Knights

Ship in a Battle

After several days of sailing down the xxx estuary on the Rolling Laughter, Capt. Tuloni Heron has weighed anchor at a large sand bar for the night. He expects to make open water early the following day.

Corlath and Lafyette are sleeping in the cabin, while Jack remains there in confinement. Mannix and Khan have taken to the forecastle to sleep in the fresh sea air.

Muffled cries of distress reach the ears of the waiting Warforged, he quickly and quietly awakens his companions. Likewise, above-decks, Khan’s elven ears pick up the pleas for help as well and he awakens Mannix.

Mannix and Khan quickly survey the main deck looking for intruders or boarding craft. They find only two murdered sentries.

Raiders have boarded the Rolling Laughter and seem intent on sinking the craft.  The party fights them off as several Warforged Scouts attempt to make theri way into the hold of the ship to scuttle it.

While some of the party engage in battle below, Mannix and Khan stay abovedecks. Khan engages in some impulse burglary and rumages through the Captain’s cabin and his lockbox, stealing anything that appears valuable.

The party eventually defeats the raiders below decks, and as the Captain attempts to save his boat a second band of Warforged arrives, demanding that the crew hand over the party and any salvage they “illegally” removed from the Mournland. A brief discussion is followed by an agreement wherein the party turns over the diamond schema copy to the Warforged, and they are aloowed to leave.

The Rolling Laughter makes it's way to Sharn.


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