Big City Knights

Strangers in the Night…

As Mannix and Khan look on, the zombies charge into attack the group waiting at the end of the street.

The undead creatures are covered in thick chunks of glass and Jack, Corlath and Lafayette have a difficult time handling the pair of zombies until they manage to smash though the protective covering. Jack’s armor makes him nearly untouchable, but Corlath is severely beaten by the zombies several times. Lafayette stays out of reach and manuevers into a flanking position behind one of the creatures. Khan joins the fight and once the glass covering is smashed by Jack, he is able to quickly shred one of these hated things with his scimitar. Lafayette is also able to sufficiently damage the other and both zombies are defeated.

Fearing that they might soon lose the advantage of the darkness of they don’t hurry the group decides to quickly avoid the rest of the zombies and they make their way around the north side of the town to teh quarry’s edge. Skirting the edge, they manage to sneak into striking distance of the House Cannith Marble Refinery near the center of the town.

As they near the Refinery they are able to deiscern the voices of several people inside working with picks and shovels. The team plans their attack, and then charges into battle.

Inside the burned out structure the group finds another zombie and two Emerald Claw soldiers. The battle begins as Jack charges in, knocking the zombie back into a large marble boulder. The rest of the group rushes in to support him. After their brief moment of suprise the two soldiers react, one begins to scream for help and charges into Jack. The other, a woman, calmly dons her shield and then starts calling for the rest of the soldiers as she studies the opponents facing her.

Jack smashes the first soldier with his hammer, who is then also hypnotized by Mannix. the female Captain is able to resist Mannix’s spell and Jack is forced to engage her. Corlath offers a prayer of blessing and protection to teh Silver Flame, and a reassuring warmth sttles over the party as the figth rages.

A brief but very bloody struggle ensues as Jack and the Captain square off, Jack is severely injured during the fight but manages to knock the captain from her feet several times and is able to take advantage of his tactics to finally defeat her.

Khan and Lafayette defeat the Glass Zombie, while Mannix and Corlath position themsleves in the two ante-chambers of the building to watch for more enemies to approach.

Having defeated the three in the main chamber, the group has a few brief moments to reoup while the wait for the other shoe to drop…


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