Big City Knights

The Secret of the Map is Revealed

The band of adventurers anxiously crouch in the ruins of the House Cannith refinery in Rose Quarry. The rush of the recent battle slowly washes away as the seconds tick by. They strain their ears for an sign that the fight has drawn attention of more of the Emerald Claw soldiers.

A minute passes…

two… they begin to shake from their encounter, they turn their attention to the large room in which they stand.

The roof of the once majestic building is gone, torn away by whatever eldritch magic destroyed the rest of the doomed town. The large chamber has been cleared of most of the debris that has filled it since. The floor and walls emerge from the last bits of rubble, formed of the famous red marble produced by the town. The floor is covered by a elaborate, detailed map of Khorvaire. A three fireplaces, each gaurded by two statues are arranged around the walls. It is this room that holds the keys to finding Whitehearth.

Lafayette, Jack and Khan quietly search the room for clues. It is not long before the mercenary’s sharp eyes happen upon a puzzling inscription on the back of one of the statues. Jack and Khan quickly confirm the other statues are marked as well. Recalling the two smartest adventurers from their post by the front hall, the braintrust goes into action and swiftly deciphers the enigmatic phrases. Standing on the white House Cannith seal in front of one of the fireplaces, Lafayette paces out the distance and direction indicatd and finds he is standing over a small, unlabeled “mine” marked on the floor-map. The “mine” is deep inside the Cyre on the map, but times have changed and the location now resides in the Mournland…

Khan quickly jots down the location of the other facilities indicated on the dusty floor-map, while Lafayette turns to the statuary, obscuring any information that could be used by others to solve the mystery.

As they debate their next course of action, Mannix returns to the front of the building to watch for trouble. As he reaches the entrance, he finds it. A shadowy figure lurks in the ruined church across the way, it quietly glides out into the moonlight, and heads straight for the refinery.

Mannix rushes back to warn his companions of the approaching figure. As they turn to face it, a tall emaciated man with pale skin, red eyes and pointed appears approaches them down the hallway. He is dressed in long flowing robes of black silk. As he nears he flashes a bright pointy smile, revealing two sharp fangs, “What have we hear?” he hisses… Lafayette blurts out, “Oh shit! A vampire!”

Everyone swings into action, preparing to fight. The vampire in the hall vanishes in a cloud of mist that fills the hall nad begins to spill into the map chamber. Mannix quickly curses out a spell wrapping himself and several others in swirling shadows. Then they run.

As everyone sprints through the mist filling the hall and out the front door, the mist begins to spill out into the street after them. The shadows surrounding the runners obscure their vision and they suffer some bumps and bruises as the rush through the moonlit town. Running and running they manage to reach the edge of town, and find Failin in the darkness. Boarding the elemental wagon they flee into the night.

Failin is not disposed to take the group into the vast, dangerous wastelands of the Mournland, but Mannix is able to convince him with a significant increase in payment and off they go.

On the way to Whitehearth, the group decides to stop and investigate the remains of a large siege engine and the corpses surrounding it. Lafayette and Mannix remain on the wagon to guard Failin as the others approach the debris. As they approach the wreckage, several wolf-skeletons appear and begin to circle Jack, Khan and Corlath. But Corlath’s faith in his Flame is strong and he is able to force the undead creatures away.

As Failin directs the wagon on towards Whitehearth, Khan spots, off in the distance, the figure of a bird – a vulture – that appears to be following them…


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