Big City Knights

The Trouble with Boyscouts is...

The party has returned to Sharn from Blackthorne on the Orien Express, with a bit of adventure along the way on the train… AGAIN

Upon arriving in Sharn, they receive word from Lady Elaydren d’Vown that she wishes to meet with them at her Uncle’s manor.

Upon arriving at the manor however, it is soon apparent that there is something wrong. Elaydren’s valet, Yohan Smythe is in the entrance hall, beaten to a pulp. Corlath revives him, and he the man states they were attacked. He rushes off to find help as the B.C. Knights move to investigate what is going on.

Entering the darkened manor carefully, they discover a group of dolgrim waiting for them at the top of the stairs leading to the upper apartments. A brief battle ensues as they fight the aberrations, trying to reach the only lighted room, where they can hear screaming.

Entering lighted study, the Knights are confronted with two dolgaunts and cloaked figure holding Lady Elaydren hostage. The cloaked figure reads a scroll and turns Elaydren to stone before fleeing. The Dolgaunts attack. Battle beings.

Having defeated the dolgaunts, the Knights search the premises. The only other former occupants appear to be two servants, both tortured and slaughtered prior to the Knights arrival.

The knights go to seek help.

The find out from a passing drunken guard that the reason everyone in the neighboorhood is gone, is that there is a large social party at an upper level estate, a local Prince of Breland. He suggests that the group will find the owner of the manor at this party and offers to guide them there.

Once at the top-level estate in the Skyway the guard attempts to get the help of the other guards at the gate. They aggree to summon the owner of the manor, someguy, and leave.

Upon retrieving the owner, Lady Elaydren’s “uncle”, the Knights find that too their dismay, he is the owner of the manor but has no idea who “Lady Elaydren” is. The Knights are placed in custody and a magistrate is summoned from the party, along with a bunch of guards. They all march back to the manor, to investigate the scene.

At the manor, there is definitely signs of a struggle. However all the aberrations bodies are gone, and statue of Elaydren is also gone.

The rest of the evening is spent being questioned at the magistrates Skyway office, where there is small, permanent, Zone of Truth.

During all of this legal excitement, Khan has maintained a safe and discrete distance from the members of the party involving the authorities and Mannix has completely separated himself from the scene.

During the questioning of the rest of the party, Khan and Mannix meet up at the Broken Anvil and discuss the night’s events. Mannix is severly disappointed in the group’s decision to involve the authorities, and heads off, possibly to never be seen again.


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