Jack Hammer

A Warforged Fighter, seeking his path and his origin.


Jack’s Story

(As related to Party members on their first night in Sharn in the Sleepy Dragon.)

I am from the Mournland. That was where I was 3 months ago when The gnome woke me. I was in a bad state when he found me, but he fixed me up good. He was looking for things from the war to fix up and sell. He asked me to come with him and I followed. We traveled a few days until we met a human with a large a cart at the edge of a forest.

The man and gnome talked with each other for some time. They started speaking very loudly . . . yelling. The gnome was pointing at me when the man stabbed him with a knife I did not know he had. I do not know why he attacked the gnome. The gnome was not attacking him. It was wrong! The man should NOT have hurt the gnome! I made sure that he would not do that again.

The cart was filled with many items of war. I found my Hammer and shield there.

I followed the road that the cart was on for a few days. I walked through a town named Austaire. The people there were all fraid of me until later. I followed the road passed the town for a mile. There were 2 men there trying to take a basket from Candide. The basket did not belong to them. I told them not to take te basket. One of them stood between me and the man and woman fighting over the basket with bread and fruit. I pushed him out of my way and hit the other man on the head with my hammer. The man fell down and the other man ran away.

The woman asked me to come with her to Austaire. I followed her to the Spart Inn. Horath Spart owned the inn and thanked me for saving his wife’s sister. When I told him I had no name, he told me he would call me Jack the Hammer. He asked me to stay at his inn.

3 days later Marcan came to town.

Marcan spoke with me a lot over the next day. He asked me many questions. He told me that he needed my help. a business associate of his had taken a lot of money from him and had told Marcan that he would hurt Marcan if he did not give him more money.

Horath told me I should help Marcan. He said that a hero like me shouldn’t waste his time in a speck of dirt like Austaire. He gave me this backpack and the things inside. He said his days of adventure were over.

I left with Marcan the next morning. We traveled for 2 weeks to get to Wroat. When we got there, Marcan visited some friends of his then he took me to Seirus. I told Seirus to give Marcan his mopney back. He had 2 men with him that tried to hurt me and Marcan. I stopped them. Seirus tried to run away and Marcan caught him. Marcan was very happy to be getting his money back.

After that Marcan asked if I would help him some more. He had me watch people playing games for money. He told me that he knew some of the people were stealing money from him. I watched the people playing games with dice and cards and other games and whe I saw people stealing money and breaking the rules I made them stop.

I have been helping Marcan since then. Many people were trying to steal from Marcan or hurt each other in Marcan’s club. I stopped them from doing this. I even stopped one of the dealers who worked for Marcan from cheating the game players.

I did not intend to take the train to Sharn. I was following Leeya. Markan told me she had stolen his coinpurse and got on the train. She seemed nice. I was upset that she stole from Marcan. I did not find her on the train. I found Marcan’s purse right before the train started moving , but she was not anywhere on the train. The train back to Wroat does not leave until the morning so i decided to follow Railmaster Redbeard suggestion that we meet with his brother.

Jack’s Story Continued

(As related to Mannix after delivering the schema to Lady Elaydren)

I did not see Redbeard. I followed Guido and Corlath and Khan to see him and we saw a warforged that just killed somebody. It attacked me and yelled names at me. I stopped it from hurting anyone more. Guido and Corlath and Khan helped stop it.

It spoke of the lord of blades . . . (Jack looks confused for a moment before continuing.)

The Sergeant came then and told us to stay. Marcan said that “Guards was Stinkin greedy pigs. As like to steal your gold and watch you bleed as help an honest citizen.” None of the guards with the Sergeant tried to steal my gold. The sergeant asked questions and we told him what happened and then he told us to go. A man told Corlath we should meet the Lady.

The next morning I followed Corlath and we met the Lady. She told us about the man who died and asked for our help finding a schema. She told us to go under the city to some valves and we would find it.

We went under the city and Skakkan helped us find the valves. When we got there a warforged told corlath to give him the book. It attacked us and it yelled names at me. I did not like the names. I am Jack.

I stopped the warforged from hurting anyone, but there were two animal people that hurt Corlath before we stopped them. We brought Corlath to people to get him fixed. The people told me to take some oil that would fix me if I got hurt and told me to give them gold for it. I gave them the money. I shouldn’t have. It is Marcan’s money. I am glad the Lady gave us money so I can give Marcan his money back.

We went back to the valves and found a door that Corlath opened.

Many bugs and some rats attacked us in the cave and we had to stop them. We tried to get into the forge with the schema in it and the dogs attacked me. Corlath woke me and made me better and we stopped the dogs from hurting us more. That’s when you told us there was still danger and the 2 warforged attacked us.

I don’t know why they yelled names at me. (Jack is again contemplative.) They wanted to hurt my friends. I had to stop them. The big one did not want to stop hurting my friends. (Jack stops again in thought.)

Then we gave the Lady her schema and gave us money. I have enough money to give Marcan the same money that Leeya took. (Jack pauses) I think Marcan was wrong that Leeya took his money. She would not do bad things to Marcan. She is nice. I will tell Marcan that she would not take his manoey when I give it back to him.

I want to Marcan his money back, but Corlath has asked me to stay and help him. The Silver Fire woke me and made me better in the cave. I want to help him.

(Jack pauses and then as if making a decision . . .) The Lady said to check the message station. I go to the message station then I will go to the train station to bring Marcan his money, then I will help Corlath.

Jack’s Story Continued (Part 3)

(As related to LaFayette while riding to Rose Quarry.)

The people at the message station were all dead. Nobody knew why. Then a bird gave me a message from the Lady. The message told us that the Lady needed help. I followed Corlath to talk to the lady and she gave us some stuff and left, then we were attacked by a warforged and some people. We stopped the people. We did not have to stop the warforged. I knocked it down and Khan tied it up good. The warforged yelled names at me. It yelled about the Lord of Blad . . . (pause).

I followed Corlath and Guido stayed where we met the Lady. The guards went in to the building to talk to Guido and Guido ran out of the building. The guards followed Guido and Guido tried to hurt the guards. I wanted to help Guido and stop Guido from hurting the guards. Maybe the guards tried to steal Guido’s money and not help Guido. Guido was an honest citizen. I got to the street and guido was stopped. The guards told me to go away.

The Lady wanted us to find another schema for her so I followed Corlath and we took the train and then a caravan to get to Failin. Failin is taking us to Rose Quarry so we can find where the schema is.

(OOC) Notes on Jack

The party will have noticed many of the following traits about Jack

The stories above should not be taken as a narrative, but rather they are short answers that would have been given to likyl questions other party members would have asked. When pressed for more detail than is given above, Jack either doesn’t seem to be able to communicate events any better than that, or occasionally describes something unimportant in extraordinarily useless detail.

_Jack is a simple person. He tends to take everything at face value and does not look for deeper meaning or subtext. Pretty much an automatic failure on any sense motive check. His speech is simple as well. I’ve tried to give the flavor of how he talks in the Story above. He tends not to use descriptive or emotive words. He almost never uses pronouns or races. he’ll use people’s names, and pretty much calls all humanoids ‘people’ or ‘persons’ except warforged. He will also tend to mimic words and phrases used by people around him. _

He doesn’t seem to understand death or unconsciousness as being different from the warforged inert state when damaged. He also seems to have no understanding of time beyond it being the sequence in which events happen. I wish I could go back and adjust some of the details given in the first part of the story, but let’s just assume that the timeframes given there were deduced by party members by asking well crafted questions. :)

He seems to lack the ability to motivate himself to do anything. This is not absolute, but he will sit for hours at a time and not move until someone interacts with him. He will also tend to follow others around, using their motivation to drive himself. When set to a task he will diligently work on that task to the best of his ability until the task is complete or he is told to do otherwise. This does not mean he will do what others bidding blindly, but about the only time he will jump into action without prompting is to stop people from doing ‘Bad things’. To be clear though, having a ‘quest’ seems to keep him functioning at a higher level. So, as long as he is ‘looking for the schema’, I will take liberties with his motivational abilities. Besides, how stupid would would it be to have to roleplay “Jack open that door”, “Jack we are going into the next room now” all the time.

He is also not typically contemplative, he does not pass nthe time by thinking about things. He just stands doing nothing. The only things that make him go hmmm are talking about Marcan and Leeya or the Lord of Blades, and in the first case, he ‘decides’ again to return Marcan’s money and talk to him about Leeya, and in the second, he stops talking the moment he starts thinking and drifts off into his passive state.

Enter the Mournland (Reflections by Jack after entering the Mournland.)

The world has taken new shape for me since entering the Mournland. I look back at what has happened before and it seems a faded and flat picture of what the world is now. Maybe that was all a dream and there is only the mist and the Mournland. In the dream the Path had found me, but it was faded and grey. In the dream there was no purpose, no thought. Now the dream has ended. Now there is reason, and the Path is clear.

I have been put on a path with others, tasked to find something. The search for the schema is a purpose, a direction, even if transient and unreasoned. I do not know where it will lead us, but the search joins the people with me together in this purpose. It defines us as a group. It is part of the path that we follow together. I do not know them, but that they were put on this Path with me.

I am starting to know Corlath best of the others. His feet tread truely upon Path. He and his Silver Fire have fixed me many times. They have awoken me from sleep. Corlath, I think is a friend. I must ask him about this Fire and what it means to follow it.

The others follow Corlath and share our purpose, but they do not follow the Path. They must be kept from straying.

Of the rest, Khan has been longest in my dream and has not often stepped from the Path, but there is anger in him. The Anger drives him on it’s own path. I fear that I may have to face his Anger one day to keep him on the Path.

Mannix tries to bend the path and wrap it around him. He is dangerous and tries to make us walk down other paths. The Path means nothing to him, but he somehow has walked the edges of the path without straying.

As for Lafayette. He came just before the dream ended. I do not think he sees the path. He is going nowhere. Wandering in circles as he helps us find the Schema. I hope finds the Path before Mannix can lead him astray.

As we follow this path together I find i am seeing the Path more clearly. I can not see it’s end or it’s begining, but I see that is True. What is my Purpose on the Path? Where does it lead? What happened before the dream to put me on the Path? I do not know. Perhaps the Path will lead me to these answers, as our path leads us to the schema.

To the Veil (Reflections by Jack just prior to leaving the Mournland.)

The more clear my thought, the more confused I get. I thought the Path was clear, but now I am uncertain. With every step toward the Schema the Path has become more hazy. And now that we head back towards the dream I find myself hoping the these thoughts and doubts will leave me free to follow the Path.

I could blame Mannix. He uses words as a weapon, obsuring the Path with logic; clouding the truth with reason. I do not trust him, but it is my thought that betrays me and I can not help but to think he could be right.

Thought has made me doubt even the Dream. During the Dream, especially at first, there was only the Path. Now I can not see the Path in the actions I took. I am now no longer sure I was on the Path when I was with Marcan. He was much like Mannix. He used truth to make me walk the path he wanted. . .

Leeya did not steal his money. Money is too important to Marcan and she was too afraid of Marcan take his money, but then, the money was on the train. . . Where did the money come from. . . . I WILL return the money to Marcan. and perhaps I will give him some of these thoughts as well. . .

Despite all this, I still feel the Path I know it is there. At times I still know I walk truely upn the Path. Corlath does this as well, I must understand how he does this. How does he know what he must do to follow the Path? Does he See it clearly as I once did? he speaks of his Silver Flame as if it IS the Path. but that can not be. The Path is our actions. It is leads us and follows us. It is the road we tread. . .

Mannix is truely devious in leading others astray. He betrayed Rorsa, and even I beleived him at the time. Now I see that he was not true to his word with Rorsa. He abandoned her after promising to lead her to the Dream, sending her fleeing into the mists of the Mournland. Perhaps she will find the Dream despite him. . .

The mists comes nearer now. . . Maybe Mannix was just trying to save her from the attackers. . .

The mist is drawing around us now. Did any of that really happen? Maybe there is only the mist and Now. . . . No. The Path leads somewhere. Will the Dream land still be a dream? Will the path become clear again? I do not know, but it matters not. I follow the Path. Though I can not see it now, I will find it again. I will find a way to see the Path clearly once more.

How can you follow when there is no Path? (Jack’s thoughts after regrouping with th party and getting some sense back in the Dissonance Winery.)

LIES! These creatures are LIES!. They destoroy the Path. They must be destroyed. I have been confused by reason and thought, but these creatures took my reason from me. They made the world back into the dream, but destroyed Path. Their LIES made nothing real.

Their lies confused me. blinded me. They made me unable to see the Path though it was clear in front of me. I let Lafayette kill the people I was helping. I did not stop him as I should have. Corlath would say that I was right not to hurt my comrade, but what he did was wrong and I did wrong to allow it. I will have words with Lafayette. I will let him know that I will not let him stray so far from the Path again. He has fought beside me for a long time now, and at least I stopped him from hurting any of the others, but I can not allow that again.

Corlath worries me too. I think Corlath may be as lost as me. The others seem uncertain about having let the prisoners go yesterday, but Corlath beleives that he has done the right thing because of the abominations they had faced below. I don’t know. Maybe the creatures have taken the Path from Corlath and he doesn’t know.

I did not understand when the took away the Path the first time, but I was simply lost and could do nothing. There was no Path. Now, though, I have seen them for what they are, and now I understand what they are trying to do to me. I understand fear now. I understand what it is to truly lose the Path. I understand now what my Path is. I must destroy these things, these LIES, before they destroy the Path.

LOST (Jack’s thoughts while following the cart back to the Dissonance Winery.)

Sharn is not a good place to find the Path. Every step in Sharn seems to offer a thousand different paths to follow. I can not tell which one is the Path.

Being here makes me uncertain even of Corlath’s path. Our comrades have done things that I think are wrong, but I have followed Corlath as I hope he follows his Silver Flame, and done nothing to stop them. Perhaps he is lost too.

Corlath also says I was wrong to attack the one who took my seat. He says that It wasn’t necessary to hurt him, and that I would have killed him, had he not been there to heal him. He explained that not everyone is like me and that men of flesh and blood must be repaired immediately when damaged or they will not be able to be repaired at all. We talked about this for some time. He said that I should only attack someone with my hammer if they going to hurt people. He said I should try to find other ways to stop people.

I am not sure I understand. I was doing what he had done to us earlier. He attacked me. I stopped him from hurting me. The path is clear to me in these decisions even now, but Corlath says that I was wrong. Maybe I could have knocked him down or just broken his arms to stop him. I guess that would be on the path too. I try to remember this.

These days on the road between Sharn and the ‘Bolt have shown me how confusing the cities are. It is much easier out here with the road to follow. I am not sure I have found the Path, but I know that I am not walking off the Path. Maybe I need to stay away from the cities to find the Path again. Mannix and Khan do not help either. I think Mannix is trying to make lose the Path completely. His words always sound so right, but I always find that after I follow them I am further from the Path. Once we find Dora, maybe I should find my own path. Maybe Corlath will come with me and help me see the light of Silver Flame.

Reflections on the Water (Jack’s thoughts as the voyage on the Rolling Laughter approaches it’s end.)

The mists persists though we have left the veil behind. This fog of thoughts continues to make the Path unclear. This world is not the dream. It is a nightmare of confusion and discord. My thoughts confused me in teh Mournland. Now the world confuses me more than ever. Especially in the hobgoblin city. How do all these people find their way? Is any of them on the Path? There are too many to keep them all on the Path. They are all going different directions. I can only stop those that cross my path. The Path was lost to me there except in moments.

Out on the sea, away from people, it is easier. The Path is obvious. There are few choices to make, but even then Mannix tells me I have done wrong. He says I should have helped my friends sooner, that I could have caused Corlath to . . but I was not attacking Corlath. I was not making anything happen to him. Ithink I did the right thing when Corlath asked for my help. The one’s who attacked us and tried to sink the ship had to be stopped. But the Captain told me to stay in this room and I didn’t . . . . . . It’s all so grey. It makes no sense. Where is the Path?

My talks with Corlath have helped. I think I understand how he follows the Path. He does not see the Path. His Silver Flame is a beacon that guides him on the Path. He says I just need to open myself to the Flame and it will guide me too. I don’t know how to do this. I have asked Corlath to show me how this is done, but I don’t understand his answers.

Perhaps I am on my own . . . maybe the Flame only talks to those of flesh and blood. Corlath doesn’t know about that, but he says it should talk to me.

. . .

They say we’re close to Sharn now. They can see the harbor lights. Maybe I will find the Path again in Sharn.

Jack Hammer

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