A shadowy figure


What have I gotten myself into? The tight group of mercenaries I was lead to believe I was joining turns out to be a misfit bunch of novices. I know they dont trust me and nor should they, but they dont seem to trust each other either.

The first time they get into a scrap with me present was down in the under-city of Sharn. I blind and stun the foe, and expect the group to pounce on the disabled warforged. What to my chagrin do they do? Chase it around the Gods forsaken chamber demanding it surrender or else. Or else what? It will kill itself to save it the humiliation of being captured or dispatched by them? Watching the chase I thought I was seeing the children play flag the squirrel in the gardens back home. Big damned metal squirrel!

I guess this was just the appetizer, because in our latest venture, the Dwarf succeeded in a grizzly act of martyr-dome. Not that the selflessly dumb act of being skewered by the incompetent city guard was necessary or benevolent. I just hope his end came before he had the opportunity or proclivity to reproduce.

I guess the saving grace in all of this is there is no way Normoon will think to find me in the company of such a group. In all, I think I will protect Khan given the opportunity. He seems to have the best head on his shoulders of the group and actually might prove a useful ally. I will also work to influence the warforged, Jack. He is big and strong and sufficiently pliable to be useful as well. I just need to coax him into being less morally discerning. Maybe magical shock therapy.

In the mean time I will do my best to avoid the pointy ends of their weapons whenever trouble starts and likely try and control events quietly and unobtrusively.


Well, we made it to Rose Quarry. I can’t imagine why it isn’t high on the tourist list. Oh, that’s right, it is a glass covered burned out town overlooking a big hole in the ground. Normally it’s uninhabited (good for meditation, bad for shopping)but luck would have it that some necro-sadistic convention was in town when we showed up.

Kahn and I decided to recon the town (we were the only capable choices) while everyone else stayed back and napped. It turns out the group who had set up camp in the town were digging up the cripified dwarves of the town and re-animating them. So it is becoming a town of glass covered charred dwarf zombies. Things are turning up for Rose Quarry.

Oh great!!! My “friends” decided to cut their naps short and go exploring the outskirts of the town on their own and have been seen by the shiny char patrol. Time to go save them from themselves…


Finally some rest. I think we have only been underground for a day and a half, but it seems much longer than that. The whole time has been one giant anxiety attack. We are in an underground research area for House Kanath. Unfortunately it turns out Whitehearth is in the Mournlands.

I wish it was less nerve-wracking, because there are many things in here worth investigating. The whole system of tunnels and rooms are accessed by magical keys denoted by different colored gemstones. Additionally, there is a large library here that has been kept in pristine condition (except for the dead elf laying on one of the tomes.) I was able to do a cursory search, but I need more time.

Outside these few treasures, we have had to experience the “charred hall” the “bloody hall” and the “den of dire wolves” who have survived by feasting on magically regenerating dead bodies. The worst part is that I have to rely heavily on the brawn of my compatriots in order to survive. Much of what we have faced so far has been impervious to my magic, and my wit can only take me so far. Thank the gods I have that, it has saved us all more than once down here. Once again I am left to wonder whether I am the only member of this party to think. Most everyone else seems to sit back in a stupor until I do something.

I will begrudgingly give them some credit however. In the “charred hall”, we came across some sort of fire elemental or perhaps a living ball of fire spell. I could not overcome my fear and the rest of the party quickly stepped to the forefront to deal with it and place themselves before me so I would not have to face it. When we are finally out of this frightful place, I will have to let them know I am grateful. The good news is, the odds are high that I will be able to repay them all, multiple times, based on their inadequacies in so many mental areas.

I better end this for now and get some rest, who knows when the opportunity will come again while we are down here.


Well, we are finally out of the Mournlands! That place is aptly named. It isnt a place you would want to spend much time in, but it is very intriguing. Given an opportunity (one where things arent hunting you) I wouldnt mind studying some of the effects of the area. But for now it will have to wait.

The group is waiting to board a ship back to Sharn. I wonder how many of us will be sea sick on the voyage. As long as I dont smell the vomit, I should be good. We had to pay an arm and a leg to book passage, and I regret not spending time to learn some slight of hand or better lock picking. I would like to steal back the small fortune we just paid. Oh well, just so long as the capt. doesnt sink us or ground us on some reef, I might be able to call it even.

I hope I get some clarity about the Vampire we ran into on this last skeema quest. I have been thinking about it since we were ambushed by him. I dont know how he was able to track us from Rose Quary, and he wants his hands on the skeema enough to hunt us farther. That is not an adversary I want to underestimate or be caught off-guard by; too many bad things could happen. I will need to do some research into them when we get to Sharn. There might be some way to turn him on Normoon.

I also need to get some sort of thank you gift for Lafayette since he saved me from a watery grave. I appreciate the chance he took to dive in after me. It has been too long since I have been swimming, I must be weaker and rustier than I thought. Yet another thing I need to spend some time practicing. This group has still not become cohesive, so I dont want to trust my safety to them too often, they are as likely to not help as to bungle whatever help they provide.



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