Big City Knights

Excess Baggage
a halfling of questionable veracity

The 4 adventurers continued their investigation of the [[adventurers-on-the-orien-express|bandit attack on the Orien Express]] while heading toward Sharn several hundred miles south from Wroat. Upon entering “Car 6” they discovered a halfling being accosted by several persons, apparently bandits (1 male half-orc, 1 female half-orc).

Guido bravely advanced upon the two attackers brandishing his waraxe (which he had no proficiency with… DC10… Success! he has the axe right-side up!), while Corlath and Jack raced around the outside of the rail-car to the far-end. Upon reaching the far end of “Car 6”, Corlath discovered a third, previously unseen bandit waiting outside the rail-car. However, the bandits seemed uninterested in any further confrontation, stealing a cloth-wrapped object from the mortally wounded halfling they quickly withdrew through the adjacent baggage car.

Guido and Corlath quickly saw to the wounds of the injured halfling, saving his life. The halfling introduced himself as Jordit Flathill and declared that he had no idea why the evil, dastardly bandits would attack him (unprovoked!!) and steal his minor, worthless family heirloom, a small ceramic plate left to him by his Great-Aunt Wendy in Wroat. After thanking the group, Jordit Flathill gives his contact information in Sharn in case the group finds or hears anything and then heads off to file a complaint with the Conductors.

The four decide to approach the front of the Express to see what the initial cause of the stoppage was. They see the crew of the Express working to clear several large trees from the rail track. Khan determines the trees were obviously dragged into position. While Corlath and Guido inform the Railmaster of the events at “Car 6”, Khan makes a “contact” with a cute female, half-elf conductor named Lyndarra Illianim while she is engaged in directing porters in clearing the debris.

Eventually the trees are cleared, the bandits dead bodies are searched and with the express thanks (aha! a pun!) of the Railmaster, Fellig Redson the four return to their car as the Orien Express begins its journey to the City of Towers.

Adventurers on the Orien Express
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Four strangers met on the Orien Express, bound south for Sharn. During the trip they pass the time by introducing themselves, each an adventurer by trade: Jack, Guido, Corlath and Khan.

Several hundred miles south of Wroat the rail made an unscheduled stop. As the passengers milled about wondering what the cause was, a small group of riders approached the rail on horseback out of the east.

Two of the riders entered one of the rail-cars, while two more waited outside. The four adventurers, seeing the fear in the group of commoners riding the rail, approached the waiting riders to inquire their business, when suddenly one of the riders attacked!

The adventurers were forced to kill the man in self-defense, and then Khan decided to end the issue by engaging the attacker’s companion as well. He immediately lodged several arrows in the young man, severely wounding him. Corlath and Jack quickly stopped the dandified elven ranger’s activity and the dwarven cleric sent the other rider, now suitably terrified, away. The young man ran until out of sight and the horses he had been holding scattered.

Corlath and the other shadowy dwarf followed the other two mysterious riders into the lightning-railcar to investigate. The battle-scarred warforged fighter lumbered after them, while the ranger decided to relax in the fresh air sipping his wine while the others made up their mind about the nature of the danger and whether they were going to start fighting the bandits or continue pussy-footing around.

Corlath, Guido and Jack walked in on a confrontation occurring between two dark figures and a small passenger …


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