Big City Knights

Now, We’re Cooking with FIRE!

The hot blast of air into the rotating chambers stuns the band as they remove the orange keycharm from the pedestal. The furnace blast pouring from the hallway carries the metallic tang and oily scents of a smithy, but the heat and location imply this is no village blacksmith.

Lafayette “volunteers” to explore down the oven-like passage. He makes his way cautiously down the way, and the heat continues to increase the further from the rotator room he gets. By the time he reaches the door at the end of the hall, he feels as if he’s standing inside a smithy’s forge. The door at the end of the hall is is large and metallic, and obviously protects arcane. Runes inscribed around the outer edge imply something important lies within. Lafayette feels the door for heat, and it it warm to the touch, but he also noties that it is ajar.

Returning from his reconnoiter, Lafayette describes the scene. The party makes some adjustments and revisits the scrying room that looks on the mysterious forge workshop. Seeing that nothing appears changed from their last visit, they decide to enter the mysterious door, hoping it leads to this forge.

As they gather around the arcane door, Lafayette, his brain cooked by the nearly unbearable heat, again volunteers to go first. He slowly pushes open the portal and peers into the space beyond… It is the forge from the scrying room! Lafayette carefully surveys the scene, and then makes a dash for the alcove were Mannix had observed an elaborate mechanical device affixed. His footsteps take him closer to the large pool of molten glass that fills the center of the room, bracketed by two large bonfires. As he reaches the alcove one of the fires seems to hiss out, “buuuuurrrnnnnn…” and then out of the blaze steps a large flaming humanoid! It rushes in and attacks Lafayette.

Lafayette manages to avoid the blow, and rushes back to the rest of the party.

As the party prepares to make a stand in the wide doorway, the other bonfire also produces a large fiery figure that moves to engage the newcomers.

The fire elementals trying to push past the party into the hall are forced to fight as they attempt to exit the room. Corlath quickly uses the scroll they found earlier to give Jack protection from the fiery fists of the elementals. As the battle begins, Jack smashes the first elemental right on it’s “head” with a MIGHTY blow! It immediately explodes in a shower of ash and sparks.

As the second elemental preses the attack, Khan tries to fend off it’s blows as best he can, while Lafayette supports him from behind with the exotic spiked chain he whips and saws across the doorway. In a brief but intense battle the second elemental is quickly subdued.

Open the crystal chest, retrieve two copies of the next schema and the template. Collect some potions.

Help Rorsa and the wolves out of Whitehearth.

Failin appears to guide them to the wagon. It’s dark out, early morning

As they head into the night they realize they are surrounded by an squad of Emerald Claw soldiers. Failin has led them into an ambush! The vampire from Rose Quarry orders them to surrender the “third” schema or die. Failin awakens from his trance, he has been compelled to cooperate via some magical means. Mannix decides to flee, he casts Obscuring Mist to hide the party and then grabs Failin and runs towards the real location of the wagon.

Corlath charges out of the protective cover of the mist towards the largest concentration of skeletons, he calls on the Silver Flame to destroy the abominations and his call is answered as 3 of the skeletons explode into dusty clouds.

Jack, Lafayette and Khan quickly subdue the rest of the Emerald Claw soldiers.

Mannix and Failin are being attacked by magic bolts of energy from the two shadowy figures while both a human and a skeleton warrior attempt to kill them as they flee. Mannix takes several of hits from the bolts as does Failin, who seems gravely injured. The soldier closes in but Mannix uses a a quick burst of magic to charm the unwary warrior and turns him against the approaching skeleton, giving both himself and Failin the chance to evade any more damage.

The battle quickly comes to an end as the mage and the vampire disappear into the gray darkness of the Mournland. The group searches for clues among the fallen Emerald Claw but finds nothing indicating their plans. Mannix and Failin soon return with the elemental wagon to retrieve their comrades and then Faliin makes a dash for the border, intent on leaving the Mournland as soon as possible.

The Secret of the Map is Revealed

The band of adventurers anxiously crouch in the ruins of the House Cannith refinery in Rose Quarry. The rush of the recent battle slowly washes away as the seconds tick by. They strain their ears for an sign that the fight has drawn attention of more of the Emerald Claw soldiers.

A minute passes…

two… they begin to shake from their encounter, they turn their attention to the large room in which they stand.

The roof of the once majestic building is gone, torn away by whatever eldritch magic destroyed the rest of the doomed town. The large chamber has been cleared of most of the debris that has filled it since. The floor and walls emerge from the last bits of rubble, formed of the famous red marble produced by the town. The floor is covered by a elaborate, detailed map of Khorvaire. A three fireplaces, each gaurded by two statues are arranged around the walls. It is this room that holds the keys to finding Whitehearth.

Lafayette, Jack and Khan quietly search the room for clues. It is not long before the mercenary’s sharp eyes happen upon a puzzling inscription on the back of one of the statues. Jack and Khan quickly confirm the other statues are marked as well. Recalling the two smartest adventurers from their post by the front hall, the braintrust goes into action and swiftly deciphers the enigmatic phrases. Standing on the white House Cannith seal in front of one of the fireplaces, Lafayette paces out the distance and direction indicatd and finds he is standing over a small, unlabeled “mine” marked on the floor-map. The “mine” is deep inside the Cyre on the map, but times have changed and the location now resides in the Mournland…

Khan quickly jots down the location of the other facilities indicated on the dusty floor-map, while Lafayette turns to the statuary, obscuring any information that could be used by others to solve the mystery.

As they debate their next course of action, Mannix returns to the front of the building to watch for trouble. As he reaches the entrance, he finds it. A shadowy figure lurks in the ruined church across the way, it quietly glides out into the moonlight, and heads straight for the refinery.

Mannix rushes back to warn his companions of the approaching figure. As they turn to face it, a tall emaciated man with pale skin, red eyes and pointed appears approaches them down the hallway. He is dressed in long flowing robes of black silk. As he nears he flashes a bright pointy smile, revealing two sharp fangs, “What have we hear?” he hisses… Lafayette blurts out, “Oh shit! A vampire!”

Everyone swings into action, preparing to fight. The vampire in the hall vanishes in a cloud of mist that fills the hall nad begins to spill into the map chamber. Mannix quickly curses out a spell wrapping himself and several others in swirling shadows. Then they run.

As everyone sprints through the mist filling the hall and out the front door, the mist begins to spill out into the street after them. The shadows surrounding the runners obscure their vision and they suffer some bumps and bruises as the rush through the moonlit town. Running and running they manage to reach the edge of town, and find Failin in the darkness. Boarding the elemental wagon they flee into the night.

Failin is not disposed to take the group into the vast, dangerous wastelands of the Mournland, but Mannix is able to convince him with a significant increase in payment and off they go.

On the way to Whitehearth, the group decides to stop and investigate the remains of a large siege engine and the corpses surrounding it. Lafayette and Mannix remain on the wagon to guard Failin as the others approach the debris. As they approach the wreckage, several wolf-skeletons appear and begin to circle Jack, Khan and Corlath. But Corlath’s faith in his Flame is strong and he is able to force the undead creatures away.

As Failin directs the wagon on towards Whitehearth, Khan spots, off in the distance, the figure of a bird – a vulture – that appears to be following them…

Strangers in the Night…

As Mannix and Khan look on, the zombies charge into attack the group waiting at the end of the street.

The undead creatures are covered in thick chunks of glass and Jack, Corlath and Lafayette have a difficult time handling the pair of zombies until they manage to smash though the protective covering. Jack’s armor makes him nearly untouchable, but Corlath is severely beaten by the zombies several times. Lafayette stays out of reach and manuevers into a flanking position behind one of the creatures. Khan joins the fight and once the glass covering is smashed by Jack, he is able to quickly shred one of these hated things with his scimitar. Lafayette is also able to sufficiently damage the other and both zombies are defeated.

Fearing that they might soon lose the advantage of the darkness of they don’t hurry the group decides to quickly avoid the rest of the zombies and they make their way around the north side of the town to teh quarry’s edge. Skirting the edge, they manage to sneak into striking distance of the House Cannith Marble Refinery near the center of the town.

As they near the Refinery they are able to deiscern the voices of several people inside working with picks and shovels. The team plans their attack, and then charges into battle.

Inside the burned out structure the group finds another zombie and two Emerald Claw soldiers. The battle begins as Jack charges in, knocking the zombie back into a large marble boulder. The rest of the group rushes in to support him. After their brief moment of suprise the two soldiers react, one begins to scream for help and charges into Jack. The other, a woman, calmly dons her shield and then starts calling for the rest of the soldiers as she studies the opponents facing her.

Jack smashes the first soldier with his hammer, who is then also hypnotized by Mannix. the female Captain is able to resist Mannix’s spell and Jack is forced to engage her. Corlath offers a prayer of blessing and protection to teh Silver Flame, and a reassuring warmth sttles over the party as the figth rages.

A brief but very bloody struggle ensues as Jack and the Captain square off, Jack is severely injured during the fight but manages to knock the captain from her feet several times and is able to take advantage of his tactics to finally defeat her.

Khan and Lafayette defeat the Glass Zombie, while Mannix and Corlath position themsleves in the two ante-chambers of the building to watch for more enemies to approach.

Having defeated the three in the main chamber, the group has a few brief moments to reoup while the wait for the other shoe to drop…

The Clenched Fist & Rose Quarry

Having successfully contacted Failin at the Clenched Fist, he leads the party out a back door towards the hidden location of his land wagon. Unfortunately, two of Failin’s enemies have anticipated this move and are waiting for him in the alley behind the inn.

The two bugbears accost Failin, accusing him of cheating them and attempt to take revenge.

After a short but bloody fight, everyone continues to the wagon.

Failin brings the party to a large boulder and after touching it and muttering “travel” in ancient draconic, the strange elemental vehicel rumbles slowly out of the rock. It appears to be a large cargo wagon, but covered with strange runes and sports a large variety of stones, crystals, and gems that seem to grow, appear, fade and move in random and disturbing ways.

Hopping onto the vehicle they travel quite swiftly to the town of Rose Quarry. As they top a hill near abandoned town and quarry, several of the travellers are able to make out what appears to be an encampment of some kind inside the town. A number of soldiers have bivouaced and don’t appear friendly.

Since it is already getting dark, the group decides to wait until further in the night to approach. After a number of the soldiers have retired for the evening, the group carefuly skirts around the east side of the town and attempts to reconnoiter from the north side, opposite the encampment.

As they approach closer to the town they discover a disturbing site, the town is completely burned to cinders and seems to be covered in thick layer of glass of some kind.

Mannix and Khan decide sneak into the town. They carefully make their way across the treacherous glass coating everything in sight, while the rest of their companions wait just on the edge of town. As they make a quick loop towards the encampment and back, Mannix and Khan encounter what appear to be patrols of strange zombies wandering the town. All the zombies are adorned with a symbol of the Emerald Claw. Mannix disguises himself and Khan by use of illusion to make them appear to be a pair of undead themselves as they continue the scouting.

They return to the location of the rest of their companions only to stumble onto the beginnings of a fight, as one of the zombie patrols has spotted the party.

Over the Mountains, and through the Pass…

The adventurers make it to Sterngate, and find the caravan that is soon to be leaving for Rhukaan Draal. The caravan master agrees to hire the group as caravan guards for the dangerous trek through the mountain passes.

As the caravan leaves Sterngate, the group meets a new friend, Lafayette. A human mercenary with a rather unusual weapon.

For several days the caravan proceeds with no problems, but soon Khan’s keen elven senses and ranger training pick out the tracks of a warband shadowing the caravan.

Soon the caravan is ambushed but the stout warriors hold back the warband and save the day.

The caravan successfully makes it’s way to Rhukaan Draal.

Once in Rhukaan Draal, the group makes it’s way to the famous Bloody Market to attempt to locate their contact here, Failin, a half-elf courier of House Orien. Although humanoids are rather despised in this goblinoid city, Lafayette speaks the local patois and attempts to locate the whereabouts of Failin, but is unsuccessful. Mannix has a clever solution and casts an illusion over the human giving him the guise of a hobgoblin, and soon the location of Failin is obtained, at the Clenched Fist.

Guido’s Excellent Adventure
... or "How fast can a dwarf run?"

Having successfully captured the warforged leader of the bandits attempting to capture Lady Elaydren, the majority of the party elects to call the guard and then remain at a distance from the Broken Anvil while the City Watch is called. The City Watch is known to be somewhat corrupt in this dura of Sharn.

Guido elects to stay behind and interact with the Watch and explain what happened.

As the Watch arrives the Captain orders the bandit taken into custody and also attempts to arrest Guido. He offers to let the dwarf report in on his own at a later date if Guido will pay a “fine” of 10gp. Guido becomes offended by this suggestion and then brandishes his axe, threatening the Captain and his guards.

The Captain is not amused and orders Guido to stand down and be arrested.

Guido runs away. During his flight he makes several attempts to wound and/or kill members of the watch that are attempting to arrest him.

Guido fails to escape from the City Watch.

The rest of the party makes preparations to leave Sharn and begin their travel to Rhukaan Draal.

A Call for Help

Having successfully fulfilled their duties by recovering the lost schema, the group is paid by Lady Elaydren. They take some R&R and go shopping.

Some inquiries are made with the Diggers Union to set up an appointment with Jonas Redbeard.

Lady Elaydren also arranges with the group to leave a message if any new work opportunities should arise. Several days pass and then the group stops by the message station to check on any word form Elaydren, only to find the message station has recently been ransacked by unknown bandits.

As they make their way back to the inn and giant owl swoops in and delivers a re hastily scrawled message plea for help from Elaydren, she is being stalked by unknown assailants and is in deperate need of the groups help.

They quickly make their way to the Broken Anvil to meet with Elaydren. They find her there dressed in muddy clothes and looking very scared and harried. She gives them some supplies and requests that they travel to Rhukaan Draal, in Darguun, to find help from a man named Failin. Failin will be able to take them to Rose Quarry, where there might be information about the location of a hidden House Cannith workshop that holds another schema.

Elaydren urges them to leave promptly as whoever is attempting to capture her is probably aware that they have been working together on collecting the schema. With that she quickly makes her exit, telling the party she will find them and contact at a later date.

Only moments after Elaydren makes her exit the tavern is invaded by a large Warforged and several kobolds. A brief fight ensues in which the kobolds all die, but the warforged is captured and bound.

New Friends, New Enemies

The shadowy figure cried out, “BEWARE! The danger is not yet passed!”

The adventurers were surprised by two flaming bolts whistling out of the darkness of the cavern beyond, narrowly missing the figure as it zig-zagged over to the cover of a pile of rubble. “There’s two more hiding in the shadows!”, he shouted.

... The bad guys shouted some stuff.

The shadowy figure tried to dodge into the Forge, diving into the quickly narrowing gap as the doors were about to be closed.

The two unkown assailants chased after the figure, trying to prevent the barricading of the door, but as the larger warforged bandit charged in, the mysterious stranger rolled onto his back… BZZZZZZT!!! A BLAZE of colored energy sprang from his outstretched hands, knocking the warrior back in stunned silence. Siezing the opportunity, the rest of the group charged out of the Forge and into battle.

The battle however was short and deadly for the two warforged assailants, stunned and blind, the leader could only stand helpless as his companion was slaughtered. And soon, though he tried to escape, he was conquered as well.

In the aftermath, the new figure is introduced as Mannix. During his introduction another figure emerged from the shadows, the goblin merchant Ska’kan, vouching for Mannix’s integrity and explaining that he brought the mage down to warn the group of the impending ambush by the two warforged assassins!

The party, satisfied that no further danger was at hand, turned it’s attention on the forge. Deducing that the crystal rods would be the key to finding the schema, they inspected the forge and discovered three slots with shapes matching the rods. Carefully insreting the rods into the slots, Khan is able to access the forge vault, where the schema is uncovered.

How Much for those Doggies in the Window?
... and I'll take the Warforged chew-toy, aslo!

Jack lays leaking, on the rubble, inert from the impact of his fall.

Fortunately, Guido appeared to be safe from the attention of the ancient guardians, and was able to roam about the chamber in relative safety. After tying a rope around Jack so the others could haul the warforged warrior to safety, Guido looks for a way to bypass the iron defenders.

After an extensive study of the doors blocking the entrance to the forge, Guido was able to figure out the mechanism of the lock.

The adventurers prepared to open the doors. First though, Corlath devised a barricade to prevent the doors from opening all the way. He hammered pitons into the stone in front of the doors, and piled some rocks in an effort to prevent the doors from fully opening. A small opening would be left that the explorer could fire into, but would not let the Iron Defenders out of the Foundry.

After making their preparations, the doors were unocked and opened but the Iron Defenders did not react. After they are shot at by Corlath hiding behind the door, though, they burst into action. The two beasts slammed into the large adamantine doors, attempting to get out of the trap that has been created. BAM! The door to the left holds! BLAM! CRUNCH! The door to the right is slammed into by a Defender moving at full speed, pitons, rocks and Corlath are all knocked flying.

Arrows and bolts flashed through the air, striking one of the constructs. As the things turned to attack Corlath, a shadowy figure emerged from the darkness, directing arcane energy at the Iron Defender that had escaped from the Forge. Using the distraction to their benefit, Jack and Guido struggled to haul Corlath off the ground and back up to the safety of the roof as a construct tried to snatch him out of the air. Nearly losing his foot, he is pulled to safety.

Khan took his chance as the gleaming construct was distracted. He carefully aimed and planted a shaft through the top of the creatures head, destroying it.

As the crew began to plan for handling the second metallic guard, it suddenly bolted from the Forge and quickly dashed out of sight around the side of the building. Having chased the thing along the parapet above, Jack reached the rear of the build just in time to peer over the edge.

Leaning over the edge of the stone parapets to looking down, Jack was startled by the sight of the ancient iron construct scaling the wall to the roof! The glowing red eyes were over half-way up the wall, and before Jack could react it had reached the roof.

With a mighty blow, Jack tried to knock it loose as it clambered over the rough stone, but swung wide and teetered precariously near the edge. Sensing his companions danger, Corlath charged in to distract the dangerous foe. A few seconds of clashing steel later, the Defender was crushed into inoperability by the combined assault of the warforged fighter and dwarven cleric.

Pre-Modern Architecture of the Early Tower Period: 101

As the adventurers explored the ancient underground chamber, they were attacked by two Horrid Rats, jumping on the fresh meat from ledges high in the darkness. Fortunately Jack was able to easily clobber the dangerous creatures into submission.

As they continued their exploration they found a large ornate building that Corlath was able to identify as an abandoned temple to Onatar, one of the Sovereign Host, god of the forge. The group took shelter inside briefly. Searching the temple, they came upon a cracked font buried in the rubble of the ancient temple. Although the rest of the building was covered in the dust and debris of 1000 years of disuse, the small amount of liquid in the font is remarkable clean looking. The men decided to store the liquid in a flask for later. Continuing their exploration of the cavern, the group soon discovered what appeared to be the destination of their quest… a large building with sealed doors decorated with the ancient symbol of House Cannith. Examining the building, the adventurers are dismayed to see their way is barred by solid adamantine doors, and a lock that is to complex to bypass. However the years of disuse have taken their toll on the building. Guido Harkonnen’s keen dwarven eyes notice that the blocks of the building are not made from the same stone of the cavern, and soon notices that there is some mixed rubble laying around the perimiter of the walls. Quickly determining that there must have been a cave-in atop the structure they scale the walls and find a large hole in the roof. As the group examined the interior of the biulding they soon noticed to large metal dogs that appear to be guarding the interior. Guido and Jack decided to enter the building despite the guards. As Guido is slowly lowered into the forge, the metal dogs don’t react. Seeing the ease of Guido’s entry, Jack lowered himself into the building and dropped to the floor.

As soon as Jack’s feet touched the floor, however, he was charged by both of the guardians. Jack fought desparately to fend off the dogs, but was unable to hold them off. Attempting to get away, he climbed the rope to the roof, but slipped from the rope before reaching safety. Falling to the floor, the warforged warrior was knocked unconscious.


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