Campaign Handout

Campaign Handout

Campaign Name: Big City Knights

Source Material: Eberron Campaign Sourcebooks

Group Size: Six Players

Game Location:

  • Ryan’s House
  • Greg’s House

Campaign Brief:

This campaign will be an action-oriented adventure located in the city of Sharn, in Breland on the land of Khorvaire in Eberron. The PCs are a small group of exceptional individuals, met by chance, who have decided to remain together as they look for opportunities to be successful in the Tower City. Eberron is an exciting place, filled with magic, technology, war, intrigue and danger, and Sharn – City of Towers, is the hub of adventure.

Campaign Location:

The game will focus around the city of Sharn. Occasional adventures and trips will take place away from Sharn, occasionally even away from Breland and Khorvaire. I have no plans to move the primary focus of the campaign away from Sharn. This IS up for discussion and input from the players. If the group as a whole makes the decision to move the focus of the game, then we will do that. However I have no current plan to make such changes.


Serious – Actual roleplaying and combat in order to further the story, with no INTERNAL “silliness” (jokes/laughter at the table are fine and encouraged though!). While playing, the goal is to develop immersion in the story and maintain it as long as possible.


Heroic/Cinematic/Pulp – The PCs are a “cut above” the normal populace. Only significant NPCs and monsters have the personal power to challenge the heroes. Generic populace and “scrubs” are generally low-skilled and low-level, looking to the PCs for leadership and protection. The PCs are expected to be “large than life” icons of heroism, and players will be rewarded for portraying them as such.

Adventure Focus:

Action Oriented – The game will primarily focus more on action and overcoming heroic obstacles through activities over roleplaying relationships. Investigation, intrigue, politics, etc. will generally be handled off-stage unless there is a specific reason to bring this to the fore-front, or players make it known that they wish to affect the off-stage “happenings” specifically.


Episodic – I will strive to make sure each game session includes some roleplaying and a significant action scene. I plan for each “Adventure” to consist of 3 – 5 “Episodes”. This should give the characters plenty to do while still providing “end points” for major character developments, new PCs, and just a good change of pace regularly. There is no current plan for an overall “Campaign” with objectives, end, etc.


Long distance travel between adventure locations will typically be via the “Indiana Jones Red Line”. Unless the PCs make specific plans to interrupt travel, there will be minimal use of “random encounters”. The “Red Line” can include, but is not limited to travel by: Lightning Rail, Lyrandar Airship, Seagoing Vessel, land travel by foot/horse.

Campaign Handout

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