House Rules

Dice Rolling

Since we will be using “Action Points” (from now on) as defined in the Eberron Sourcebook, there will be no rolling “To Hit” and “Damage” together. The decision to use an Action Point must be made BEFORE damage is determined.

Heroic Action

Temporary bonus action points will be awarded for heroic/cinematic style of play when the players describe in detail something heroic/exciting/fun that their PC is performing, usually in combat but not restricted to that. These “Temporary Action Points” (TAPs) only exist until the end of the session on that evening. Other than that, the TAPs are exactly like regular Action Points with regard to feats, rules etc.

Death & Dying

We’ll be using a variant rule for death, rather than -10 as the final point of “Death”, characters are considered dead when they reach -CON hit-points. So having a CON of 16 means you are not actually dead until -16 hit-points, unfortunately, having a CON of 8…

Missing Players

If one player is unable to attend then the standard method of handling the situation will be for the other players to play that player’s PC as close to “true” as possible. Attending players will take turns playing the PC as necessary. A PC that is being run by another player CAN DIE. Your character is NOT SAFE from death by virtue of the fact that you cannot make it to the game session. If more than one player is unable to attend, then the session will be canceled, with the option for the other players to attend anyway and we will play some other game than D&D (PIRATES!!)

Dice Tower

If you use Greg’s dice tower to roll your dice, there are no re-rolls when it sucks all the high numbers away and all you roll are 1’s! NO EXCEPTIONS!

Banned & Restricted

These items, spells, feats and other rules are either banned or restricted based on my personal decisions and what I read online about problematic rules and uses:

  • Tanglefoot Bags – Way too powerful as written. Maybe if there is a real desire for them I will nerf the rules first and then allow them.

Action! points

What are action points good for? Here is a list of uses for “Action!” points:

  • Use an action point to affect a d20 roll. (to hit, save, skill, etc.)
  • Stabilize your PC, stop yourself from dying (when below 0 HP)... “I’ve been hurt worse before… I’ll live.”

House Rules

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