Metaplay Discussion Area

What is a “Meta”?

Occasionally if I have thoughts (or if YOU have thoughts!) about the actual gameplay, I’d like to see them posted here for discussion. That way we can all converge on a most satisfying “greatest common denominator” of fun, and make sure we are all on the same track for what we want to get out of the gaming as a group.

Some thoughts on PC & GM actions during the last session:

Try to think of the game in terms of your character on an individual basis, not “top-down” like a video game. Also, remember that we are not playing in “real-time”. For example: although climbing down a rope while braced against a wall is relatively easy in game terms (DC5), you need to envision the situation of a character that is encumbered by armor and perhaps weak or weakened as well. With no immediate threat during such a situation, what would YOU do? Perhaps taking off armor, backpacks, etc. in order to make the climb less dangerous would be prudent? Other things like, tying-off, belaying, buying/using climbing harnesses, etc. would also make a huge difference. If YOU were going to climb down an unknown shaft, what precautions would YOU take?

I was very lenient on the fall for you guys because I hadn’t expected the climb down at DC5 to be an issue, but I didn’t take into account things like -10 encumbrance modifiers you guys are sporting. It was a learning experience for all of us.

Something else that came up was Player-Knowledge regarding inventory issues. Because we only play once every two-weeks, you guys as Players may have a hard time remembering what is in your inventory. If you make a mistake that is a “Player” mistake, versus a “PC” mistake, let me know! I have no problem rectifying these things!

For example: Braulio had Corlath pull a torch out of his pack as a full-round action, but he really wanted oil. He then realized that he DID have oil in inventory, and was going to use ANOTHER full-round action to fix the mistake. But a quick “retcon” (Retroactive Continuity) by saying, “Hey, Corlath saw the oil in his pack while looking for a torch and pulled that out instead” is really simple. I personally feel that if you guys are making an effort to keep Player-Knowledge separate from PC-Knowledge, then I am willing to make the effort to fix things that a PC would know/have/do when a Player makes small mistake. But don’t count on “retconning” to save you from MAJOR blunders.


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